About Us

Hi there, Welcome.



What is Broke Kids Club?

Broke Kids Club is a clothing company founded in 2019 (yes, very recent). We design shirts that have meaning to us and hope can relate to others.


Our shirts are printed and shipped out by a company called printful.


If you’re interested in designing your own shirt, we highly recommend using printful, here’s a link to sign up https://www.printful.com/a/1496154:5cdb64444c16e4fb62b8644af628d020


What brought it about?

I (the founder) was going through some rough times. I just really wanted to make money online, and have for years. I’d get sucked into those get rich quick schemes, and none of them worked (duh). Then I found drop-shipping, which I’d heard about years ago and tried but got confused and quit.

I decided to give it another go, and started a couple stores on Shopify (which is what this website was created on) it’s a great place to create a website to sell on super easily. Anyways, #nonsponsored.

Then I saw an ad for printful, which is a drop-shipping company that prints, and ships your shirts. It was perfect.


I enjoy art and  my mom is a graphic designer. I had learned a lot about e-commerce and how to market online. Boom, website built.


I love t-shirts with cool designs or weird designs. T-shirts that when people read them they want to say “hey, where’d you get that” or “whoa that’s a cool shirt” and that’s what I want my shirts to say to others.


It’s been a wild start, and we still aren’t doing the best. But it’s been fun, and that’s all that matters really.


We’ll keep trying keep designing and keep growing.


What our goal is?

To create shirts that inspire, intrigue, and relate to others.


Who is it for?

The underdogs, of course.

I want my designs to relate to those who feel they’re not #1. The outcasts of this generation. I want to build a community where we can come together and relate on the same level. We all know were the underdogs, and we embrace that about ourselves.